Node: QV1 North/South


Node Details

Node name: qv1-wacan-north
Node name: qv1-wacan-south
Node type : Core Access Node

IPv4 Allocation:

Node Policy

Connecting to WACAN QV1 North/South.

  • QV1 is a closed peering point for WACAN members only.
  • Connections will be limited to ~15kms to ensure optimum performance for connected users.
  • Any connection that causes a noticeable drop in connection quality for other members on the node will be disconnected. The member will be given a chance to rectify the issue and improve connectivity. If the member is unable to do so they will need to connect via another access node.
  • Radius Authentication must be used.
  • We will be limiting the amount of connections to the node to ensure best performance and reliability for everyone.
  • If you are able to get a better connection to a different access node you will be required to do so.
  • Initially QV1 will accept connections from edge nodes, however the aim will be to only allow other access nodes to connect to QV1. If you are interested in becoming an access node please see the requirements as outlined in the "So you want to be an access node?” document.

QV1 Coverage


Panorama from QV1