New Users Guide: Mast Equipment Guide


New Users Guide: Mast Equipment Guide:

For those of you interested in getting involved in the WACAN network but not sure what equipment and parts you need to get a solid wireless link - I’ve included a list of all the parts I used on my mast install at the start of the year as a bit of a guide.

This is everything you need to get a solid 4.5m mast with three guy wires and can be extended easily if you want a taller mast (or reduced if you want a smaller mast) - the essence stays the same though.

Equipment list and prices were all from (based in Wangara) in late 2013 and it may have changed a little since I purchased them, but should give you an good idea of what you need:

1 x Guy Ring Plate 32mm (251002) = AUD$2.50
1 x Lock Ring Collar 32mm (251003) = AUD$2.00
12 x Guy Wire Clamps (251019) = AUD$24.00
2 x V Block Flat Back (251027) = AUD$3.00
6 x Guy Wire Thimble (251016) = AUD$3.00
2 x U Bolt 10cm x 8 mm (251006) = AUD$2.00
1 x 4.5M Pole (250014) = AUD$30.00
3 x Turnbuckle 8mm (251026) = AUD$9.00
3 x Screw Eye 200mm (251034) = AUD$7.50
1 x Tile Roof Mount - Galvanised (251012) = AUD$20.00  (Tiled Roof)
1 x Iron / Tin Roof Mount (251013) = AUD$20.00 (Tin Roof)
Approx 3 x 10m lengths of Guy Wire (251001) = AUD$70.00 for a 180m roll

Total: AUD$173.00

Note: if you ask around you may be able to share the cost of the guy wire roll with someone else on the network - or buy the remainder off someone else as you won’t need the full 180m yourself.

If you want a 6m mast most of the parts are identical - except you’ll need twice the number of guy wires - so that means twice the number of Guy Wire Clamps, Guy Wire Thimbles, Screw Eyes and Turnbuckles, and another Guy Ring Plate and Lock Ring Collar.

I’ll write another post soon to show how all the above parts go together and make a mast.


@Radix Excellent work man! I look forward to the next post :slight_smile:


Additional to Radix’s information above,

I’ve been to visit Sciteq in Wangara 26/9/14 and have opened a pre-paid trade account for WACAN and WACAN’s members benefit. To get trade pricing, you just need to goto Sciteq and tell them you are a WACAN member, give them your name and you get trade pricing. This is a fairly sizeable discount and is worth doing. You must pay cash/card/etc on the spot.

I’ve had a quote from them for the 10m Telescopic mast plus all hardware that should be necessary to get you going.

I’ve adjusted the quote below to assume that you want to extend the mast to full height, so will require 4 sets of 3 guys, with 4x clamps on each (2x top, 2x bottom), plus thimbles at the top, and a turn buckle per guy.

1x 25025 - Mast telescopic (10m / 33’), including accessory pack - $199ea
48x 251019 - Guy Wire Clamp - $30.24 ($0.63ea)
2x 251027 - V Block Heavy Duty for masts 25-50mm Flat back - $1.60 ($0.80ea)
2x 251006 - U Bolt 10cmx8cm with nuts and washers - $1.50 ($0.75ea)
12x 251016 - Thimbles - $2.76 (0.23ea)
12x 251026 - Turnbuckles 8mm - $24.00 ($2.00ea)
3x 251034 - Screw Eye 175mm - $4.50 ($1.50ea) - depending on your scenario, you may need something different here.
1x 251012 Ridgecap Tile Roof Mount Medium with Base, Galvanised - $15.00
1x 251013 Ridgecap Iron Roof Mount - $10 (Alternative to #251012)
1x 251001 Guy Wire 180m Roll - $50

Total Cost: $328.60 inc gst.

If you don’t require the 10m telo mast, you can get a 4.5m pole, and you can get away with only 1 set of guy wires instead of 4, so reduce hardware accordingly:

250014 - Pole 4.5m Galvanised 32mm x 1.6mm - $34.00

Note: your BOM will vary depending on your requirements.
You may also require re-inforcements in your roof for your guy attachment points.
Consider wind loading and mechanical strength here. 10m is a big lever.

This pricing is accurate at 26/9/2014.

I spoke to both Daniel and Matt at Sciteq in Wangarra. They are both extremely helpful guys and I’m sure would be happy to make suggestions on hardware to suit your individual needs.

Its also worth mentioning that you may need to do work to provide strong attachment points for your guys. Each roof is different and will have different challenges. When in doubt, speak to an expert, and over-engineer.

I intend to install a 10m telo mast on my roof in the coming month or two, and I’ll take some photos and add to this thread.