Forum Software How-To


This is mainly aimed new members, or anyone who isn’t entirely familiar with Discourse, and Markdown. Try use CRTL + F to search if you’re looking for something specific.


You might’ve noticed that on the top-right of the page there is a speech bubble icon. Numbers which appear with a green background are Private Messages (PM), and ones in blue are Notifications.

[size=17]*What’s the point of notifications? *[/size]

If you want to bring a certain person’s attention to a topic/post.

[size=17]How are notifications handled?[/size]

To strike up a blue notification on someones profile, conveniently use the @ followed by their username, like this: @username. You can direct them to the topic, or even a specific post:

Alternatively, if you quote somebody (double click on the text you wish to quote and click quote reply) that’ll also flag up a notification!

[size=17]Like a post[/size]

The forums have have a Like system. If someone’s provided something useful/funny/interesting, click at that little heart on the lower right of the post body, to show them some love! (Also strikes up a notification)


If there’s something useful you’d like to come back to at some point in the future, you can, by bookmarking the page:

You can view your bookmarked messages by going to your CP (control panel).

Click on your avatar > Activity > Bookmarks

##Deleting your post

If posted something by mistake, or you’ve thought better of a post, you can delete it by clicking the little trashcan:

##Text formatting

The forum is pretty flexible here, it doesn’t just use the standard BBCode but ALSO Markdown

Those of you with a little more experience can figure the system out quite quickly, others may not. So here’s a crash course into the forum’s flavoured Markdown!
















Here is a full list of emoticons that work on Discourse!


Best thing about Discourse, is that it auto-embeds images

<img src='/uploads/default/10/8dcc06e5329a6513.gif'>

Does your image URL not have a valid image extension? (i.e. jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, png)
Then try use an image tag!

<img src="url" />






Code formatting

`Code Formating`



##Moar headings
###Even moar headings

##Moar headings
###Even moar headings

##Following Topics

By starring a topic, you are able to keep track of it! A little like bookmarking a post (others may be familiar to subscribing to a thread)

Just click on the star icon, next to the topic title and it shall be starred!

To see your starred topics, go to the forum homepage and click on Starred!

If you’re curious about markdown, you can also read the OFFICIAL MARKDOWN DOCUMENTATION