Council Antenna/Mast Regulations



This post is intended to be a single point of reference for council rules and regulations around the installation of antennas and masts.

Information contained within this post is subject to change, and WACAN strongly recommends that each member make appropriate enquiries with their local council when preparing for an antenna or mast installation.

City of Bayswater

Building work where a building permit is not required:

Masts, Antenna or similar structures where attached to a building providing that:

  • The mast or antenna is no more than 2 meters above the point of attachment to the building; and
  • Will not affect the compliance to the Building Code of Australia or the safety of the occupants, (ie if engineered designed fittings are required to ensure safety and structural stability of the mast or antenna, then a Building Permit would be required).

Mast, Antenna or simular (ie Pylon sign) where not attached to a building is not more than 3 meters in total height.


City of Belmont

Except as otherwise provided in the Scheme, for the purposes of the Scheme the following development does not require the planning approval of local government:

Shire of Kalamunda

Satellite and microwave dishes, aerials and antennae and flagpoles are exempt from a formal Building Permit Approval if:

City of Rockingham

Description of building work for which building permit is not required:

Construction, erection, assembly or placement of a mast, antenna or similar structure that